Will Creatine Make You Look Fat?

Creatine is a supplement used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts to help increase muscle mass and performance. It helps by serving as a quick energy reserve that gives your muscles the boost they need to squeeze out a few more reps, run a little faster or jump a little higher. It is most effective when combined with a balanced diet and resistance training. Despite its reputation as a supplement for gym bros and pro athletes, research suggests that creatine is safe to take for most people. However, some people may experience bloating while taking creatine. The good news is that this bloating is not fat gain and is simply water weight gained in the muscles.

You can expect to gain a few square butt workout of fluid while using creatine, especially during the loading phase. This is due to the creatine serving size and the fact that you will be consuming more calories from food in order to sustain the creatine intake. The water weight gain will go away once you stop the loading phase and start taking a normal dose of creatine. The bloating caused by the creatine will also be less noticeable as your muscles get bigger, as they will become more compact.

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If you are worried about gaining fat while taking creatine, you should know that the creatine itself has ZERO calories and does not cause fat gain. The only way that you can make yourself gain fat while taking creatine is by eating too many calories. The best way to reduce any bloating that occurs from taking creatine is to drink lots of water, as this will serve to keep your body hydrated and prevent your muscles from becoming too full and puffy.


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