What is a Construction Takeoff Service?

A construction takeoff service is an expert-level resource for contractors, builders and developers. This service is designed to help them create estimates and accurately bid on projects.

What is construction takeoff services?

Contractors that are able to perform accurate quantity takesoff are able to win more jobs and improve their bottom line. They can also reduce the amount of time they spend on estimating and focus more on what really matters—getting jobs approved. The key to getting jobs approved is precision in quantity takeoff—and this is only possible with dedicated and experienced experts.

What is a Takeoff?

A takeoff is a comprehensive list of all the materials that are required to complete a project. Contractors usually create a takeoff to determine what supplies they need to order and how much of each material will be needed for a particular trade. For example, an electrician will make a takeoff of all the wires, conduit, receptacles, switches and other items required to complete their portion of the project. They will then count or calculate quantities for these items and record them in a spreadsheet.

Once the quantity of all required materials is determined, the estimator must then assign costs to each item. This is one of the most challenging aspects of a takeoff because it requires a thorough understanding of the pricing for each material. Contractors that often work on the same types of projects may be able to develop a database of materials prices that they can use to speed up this process.


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