Truck Decal Stickers

truck decal stickers

Truck decal stickers  are a great way to promote your business, brand or message on your truck. They are easy to apply and can be used as rear window stickers, tailgate stickers or door stickers for your truck.

Choosing the right decal type is important for vehicle signage. Vinyl decals come in clear and opaque styles, and they can be applied to the sides or windows of your truck.

Opaque decals can impede driver visibility on the sides of a vehicle. They should be avoided on windows, and you should choose perforated decals if you plan to use a large sign on your car’s windows.

Creative Ways to Use Truck Decal Stickers for Branding and Marketing

High-adhesive decals are made with opaque vinyl material and are designed for permanent applications on the body of your vehicle. They have a strong adhesive that will not fade over time.

Installing your truck decals correctly requires precision and care. Start by cleaning the area where you want to place your decal and dry it thoroughly. Next, remove the backing paper from your decal and peel it to expose the adhesive.

A drop of water with a mild detergent can help the adhesive adhere to the surface, and a squeegee can be used to smooth out the edges. It is also important to position your decal properly, and you should work from the center out.

Our truck decals are printed with 3M vinyl, which is a high-quality polymeric film that can be printed in white or opaque. It’s designed to work well with printers and ink manufacturers, and it also has Controltac(tm) technology that keeps the adhesive from sticking until you apply pressure.


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