Thermal Image Survey

A thermal image survey (also known as infrared thermography) is an instant non-invasive snapshot of a building structure which clearly highlights uncontrolled air leakage pathways, cold bridging and insulation defects. It is a highly useful tool for property owners and landlords to identify issues that can lead to energy loss, damp penetration and other costly problems.

A Thermal Imaging Survey Can Help With

Infrared imaging cameras convert infrared radiation into a real-time, full-colour video display so that the heat of an object appears as different colours on the screen. Warmer objects appear in reds, oranges and yellows while cooler objects are shown in blues, purples, and blacks. Thermography allows professionals to pinpoint anomalies that may be indicative of a problem such as damp, for example, areas of water penetration will appear significantly cooler in the thermal image than surrounding areas as moisture causes surfaces to lose heat through evaporation. The surveys are also very useful when carrying out renovations or retrofitting insulation as the images will highlight any areas which are likely to need attention to make the work as effective as possible. For the best results, surveys should be conducted on a dry day when the sun is low to avoid solar influence which can distort the results. Likewise, high winds will interfere with the accuracy of the results. If you have any questions about thermal imaging, get in touch with our knowledgeable team today. We can explain the process in more detail and arrange a survey at a time that suits you.


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