Secondary Double Glazing Kits

If you want to achieve the heat retention and acoustic insulation benefits of double glazing but are either unwilling or unable to replace your existing single-glazed windows, secondary glazing could be the perfect solution for you. Read on to discover more about the advantages of this effective and affordable option from the Bridgewater Glass team.

A ‘kit’ secondary double glazing kits is an easy-to-fit and highly cost-effective solution for improving your home’s insulation, particularly against cold air loss. It allows you to retain your home’s historic windows, which may have architectural and sentimental value, while providing the energy efficiency of modern double glazing.

Upgrade with Ease: Exploring the Benefits of Secondary Double Glazing Kits

These DIY systems generally consist of a frame and clear acrylic sheets that form a second skin for your window. The plastic offers a glass-like appearance and is UV stabilised, making it resistant to discoloration by sunlight. The sheets also offer Class 1 fire resistance, an important consideration for any property which uses its windows as a primary escape route in the event of a fire.

The benefits of a kit secondary glazing system include ease of installation, which is largely down to the use of magnets rather than screws. This makes it easier to remove the panes for cleaning and ventilation, and ensures a neat and tidy finish. Another advantage is the price – PS50/m2 or less, depending on the bespoke elements you choose – which represents an extremely attractive figure when compared with double glazing prices of PS200-PS700/m2. This low cost makes it possible to achieve significant savings on your energy bills.


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