Reasons For Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

texas pier and beam foundation

The FCS Texas pier and beam foundation  is the most common type of foundation found in older homes. Unlike slab foundations, a pier and beam foundation sits on individual piers, which are supported by concrete footings. The piers are often made of wood or concrete. While a pier and beam foundation is durable and stable, it can experience problems over time if proper maintenance is not conducted.

One of the biggest reasons for a pier and beam foundation needing repair is moisture accumulation. Because a pier and beam foundation is elevated, there is a crawl space beneath the home where moisture can build up. This can lead to mold, rot, musty smells, and other issues. It can also cause floorboards to shift, causing creaking sounds in the home.

Texas Pier and Beam Foundation: A Closer Look at Traditional Home Foundations

Another reason for a pier and beam foundation needing repairs is the soil quality surrounding the home. Clay rich soil tends to expand when it gets wet and then contract as it dries, which can impact the settling of the pier and beam foundation over time. This can lead to different amounts of sagging in the home from corner to corner, which will require professional foundation repair.

Finally, the pier and beam foundation is susceptible to abrasion from the soil and rocks on which it rests. This can damage the piers and cause cracking. As a result, it is important for homeowners to have a professional inspect their foundation regularly for signs of deterioration.


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