Organic Cotton Stuffed Animals

organic cotton stuffed animals

Organic Cotton Stuffed Animals

The best stuffed animals are made from organic materials, like GOTS certified cotton, wool, and non-toxic dyes. These toys are safe for children, and also help support the global ecosystem.

Estella – organic cotton stuffed animals is grown from natural seeds that do not use genetically modified organisms (GMOs). GMO cotton, on the other hand, uses pesticides and herbicides. The toxic chemicals are released into the environment and can wreak havoc on farmers, workers, and consumers.

Choose a toy that is GOTS certified or labeled Oeko-Tex to be assured that it has not been treated with synthetic dyes. Dyes like AZO, which are used in many toy brands, release toxins into your child’s system when they come into contact with their skin or face.

Organic Cotton Stuffed Animals: The Perfect Companion for Your Little One

Buying your child a safe and organic stuffed animal is essential for their health. Avoid stuffed animals that contain flame retardant chemicals, heavy metals, and other toxic substances. These toxins can have long term health effects including cancer, brain and hormone problems, and allergies.

Toys that are imported from China lack quality control and may be contaminated with harmful heavy metals or flame retardant chemicals. They also have less stringent safety standards than toys manufactured in the US.

These German-made stuffed animals are not only beautiful, but they’re safe for your child and the environment. Senger has been making stuffed animals for over one hundred years, and they’ve built their reputation on the quality of their products. Their stuffed animals are soft, floppy, and durable, so they’ll be around for years.


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