Online Fishmongers

A great Online Fishmongers dinner doesn’t have to require a trip to the supermarket fish counter or a trek down to your local docks. Increasingly, online fishmongers are making it possible to score filets of fresh flounder, salmon and tuna, plus shellfish like prawns and clams for a salty bowl of New England chowder, right in your own kitchen. The best seafood delivery services source their fish or shellfish directly from fishermen and freeze them at the peak of freshness to ensure they’ll arrive piping hot and perfectly thawed for your next grilled swordfish recipe or lobster bubbly bake.

The Cornish Fishmonger

The family-run specialist fishmonger sources all of its seafood directly from a variety of Cornwall quaysides and offers a selection of bespoke and curated fish boxes, which range from oily fish options to a BBQ fish box. Alternatively, you can build your own order a la carte or choose to subscribe (the service also stocks caviar and roe).


This online fishmonger is committed to supporting small independent fishermen, with the ethos of “buying direct, reducing waste, disincentivising discards and championing fair prices for quality local seafood”. Their tinned fish selections – such as mackerel, herring, and sardines sourced from family producers – are a great example of this; oily fish are particularly good for your heart and you’ll find they taste just as fresh as they do when they come out of the tin. They also sell a range of freezer-friendly seafood, including cooked octopus tentacles.


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