Leo Horoscope Dates

Leo horoscope dates vary depending on your birth date and zodiac sign. The average range is July 23 to August 22. People born between these dates are considered to have the Leo Sun sign. This range can be different from year to year, though. You can use a calendar tool to find your Leo horoscope date.

Leos are generous individuals who are likely to shower you with presents and lavish attention. They also hold great pride in themselves and value words of affirmation and love from others. In return, they will reward you with vigor and enthusiasm. Leos do not take respect for granted, and can get restless if they don’t get it back.

While Leos are very social, they can also be very hot-tempered, and can be impatient. However, they will never cheat on their partners. Leos are very good at self-entertainment and don’t take criticism well. Despite their sociable personalities, they may not be suitable for a serious relationship.

The energy of Leos shines through at work. They are highly persuasive and have a talent for inspiring people. Their charisma make them highly valued by managers. They may also seek more attention than usual.


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