How UV DTFS Printing Can Transform Your Business


Whether you’re looking to print your restaurant logo on home appliances or create personalized mugs and tumblers for your clients, UV DTFS is the printing technology that allows you to unlock limitless opportunities for customization. It’s the direct-to-film (DTF) cousin to Direct to Garment (DTG) printing, a digital printing method that uses LED UV lights to instantly cure inks printed onto coated transfer media.

Illuminate Your Designs: UV DTFS for Vibrant Results

Like DTG, it eliminates the need for pre-printed transfer paper and plates allowing users to print directly on the film using the CMYK+W inks that are cured with the LED UV light. Moreover, it can apply designs to a variety of hard surfaces such as glass, metal, wood, and ceramics.

To initiate the printing process, simply load your design file into a flatbed printer loaded with UV-curable inks. After the ink is printed, it passes through a curing unit that exposes it to UV light, solidifying and curing the ink quickly for a durable print.

After the printing and curing process is complete, you can transfer the mirrored image to the substrate by carefully peeling off Film A and applying it to the desired surface. This can be done manually or with a dedicated laminating machine. Alternatively, many UV DTFS printers such as the Aries 113 offer an integrated laminating function to automate the entire workflow and produce ready-to-use transfers.

Once the finished product is created, you can enjoy the gratifying experience of giving your customized creations to clients, employees, or loved ones as gifts. Imagine a custom metal sign, wooden crate, or ceramic mug printed with heartfelt messages and graphics. The recipients of these artisanal products will be sure to cherish them as keepsakes that bring back fond memories and help remind them of your generosity.


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