How 99 Thc Oil Is Created and What You Can Do With It

While most concentrates contain THC ranging from 80% to 90%, there are some extracts that can reach extremely high concentrations. These super potent oils are called distillates and are gaining popularity in the cannabis industry due to their purity and versatility. Here’s the inside scoop on these ultra-potent oils, how they are created, and what you can do with them.

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The process behind a 99 thc oil begins with a refined concentrate, usually BHO or CO2. These oils are then further distilled to yield a high-potency cannabis product. The end result is a runny oil that can be used in dab rigs and syringes. The process is known as short-path distillation and can take a BHO or CO2 oil that checks in at 70-80% THC and make it into a 99% THC concentrate.

When comparing THC concentrations, it’s important to remember that the higher the percentage of THC in an oil, the stronger the effects will be. However, there’s not enough research on THC concentrations of over 90% for medicinal purposes and they could cause adverse side effects.

According to Gerdeman, a newer form of 99% THC oil on the market is being used in products like gummies and vapes. It’s called THC-O acetate and is actually acetylated THC. It does not occur naturally in the marijuana plant and is only made by exposing THC to chemicals like acetone, the same process that created heroin over 100 years ago.


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