Hockey Pitch Refurbishment

hockey pitch refurbishment

Refurbishing an existing hockey pitch refurbishment can be a great opportunity to improve the playing surface and to create additional income for a sports club. A full pitch refurbishment can involve a new shock pad, sand-dressed or water-based turf system, floodlights and a perimeter fence to make the facility fully operational and attractive to visitors and local residents alike.

Synthetic pitches (often referred to as 2G or 3G) have been mandatory at all major international hockey competitions since 1976, and are commonly known as astro turf or artificial grass. They are designed without the use of natural turf, and the carpet fibres are often woven together with a sand or rubber infill to provide the optimum performance for hockey.

Transforming Your Hockey Pitch: A Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Refurbishment

Sand-dressed and water-based synthetic surfaces have different performance levels and are suitable for the community to national-level play. To achieve an FIH Category 3, a sand-dressed pitch will need to be maintained at a high standard, and a water-based surface will need an irrigation system to ensure the appropriate infill is delivered to the playing area.

Both types of surfaces can be irrigated and maintained on a regular basis to prevent the growth of slippery moss or other weeds, maintain optimum playing conditions to protect the surface from damage and to keep players safe by reducing the risk of friction burns if they fall. In addition, a water-based surface will require regular spraying with a water cannon to ensure the underlying layer of water remains saturated, which makes the ball run faster and also helps make the artificial grass more springy to cushion any falls and help avoid injuries to players.


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