Halo Invisible Fence Review

The Halo Invisible fence is an impressively intelligent and effective dog fence system that many pet parents credit with saving their pup’s lives. It’s based on positive association rather than fear, which is more compatible with your dog’s natural instincts and instinctive behavior.

What is Halo wireless fence?

This modern virtual fence has an incredible range of benefits including activity tracking, prevention tracking, and more. It also comes with premium Cesar Millan training content and is very easy to use, even for inexperienced pet owners. It’s a bit more expensive than some of the other GPS based options on this list, however it does have some unique features that may make it worth the extra investment.

For example, it can create multiple virtual fences with different boundaries and can store up to 20 of them. This makes it easier to customize the boundary for specific locations like a dog park or your friend’s house. Additionally, it can monitor activity on a daily basis and provide you with feedback that can help encourage your dog to rest or play.

However, the Halo collar is quite a pricey piece of technology retailing at $999 and requiring a subscription plan to work. Fortunately, there are three different plans to choose from based on your budget. The more expensive packages do include added bonuses and perks that may make the additional cost worth it for you and your dog.


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