Georgia Gas Prices – How to Find the Best Deals on Natural Gas in Georgia

georgia gas

Natural Georgia gas is a safe and efficient energy source used to power millions of homes and businesses throughout the state of Georgia. Thanks to technological advances and an extensive and reliable delivery system, it’s now more affordable than ever to use the clean and renewable natural resource to heat and cool your home.

The average price of a gallon of gas in Georgia is $3.56, up 19 cents in just a week and 33 cents higher than the state’s summer average of $3.36, according to figures from AAA-The Auto Club Group. Officials attribute the increase to rising oil prices, which have jumped from about $70 per barrel in June to more than $85 per barrel in late July. They also say that heat-related reductions in production at Gulf Coast refineries have reduced supply.

Exploring the Georgia Natural Gas Market: How to Choose the Right Plan for Your Home

It costs about $60 to fill a 15-gallon tank of regular unleaded gasoline in Georgia, but the state’s prices are still well below the national average of $4.48, which was reported by AAA on Wednesday.

Georgia is a deregulated market, so residents have more choice and flexibility when selecting a natural gas provider. You can find a plan that fits your lifestyle and budget by shopping for competitive rates and specials from reputable marketers like Gas South. They offer competitive fixed rate natural gas plans and exceptional customer service. They also offer a number of different natural gas appliances, including gas furnaces and water heaters.


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