Fake Urine Kits – How to Keep Your Sample at the Right Temperature

fake urine kits

The fake urine kits on the market can help you pass a drug test. But, they also come with a price tag. You need to make sure you buy a quality product. And that you follow the instructions correctly.

In order to successfully pass a urine test, you need to keep your sample at the proper temperature. It should be in the range of 90 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

A reliable heat source is one way to keep your sample at this ideal temperature. Another option is to use hand warmers. They can be portable and have a capacity to keep your sample at the perfect temperature for up to 18 hours. However, you need to make sure you regularly check the temperature.

Making Sure You Pass A Drug Test With Fake Pee: Common Product Reviews

Keeping your sample at the right temperature is the most important step to passing a drug test. Most people fail to keep their sample at the correct temperature. So, the best fake urine kits will include a heating pad to help you keep your sample at the correct temperature.

If you don’t want to heat your urine at home, you can also find heat activator powder at your venue. This powder works by using a chemical reaction to raise the temperature of the urine.

A synthetic urine kit is made up of several different ingredients. Among them are urea, uric acid, and various salts and minerals. These components work to create a fake pee that smells and tastes like real human urine.


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