Dryer Repair


Dryers get a lot of use and require routine maintenance. If you notice that your dryer is running slowly or doesn’t shut off at the end of a cycle, check the door switch, thermostat, timer, and/or fuses. This will give you an idea of which parts might need replacement. New Canaan Connecticut is the best choice. 

Checking the Door Switch, Thermostat, and Timer

A humming noise may be a result of dirty areas in the drum or the fan belt. These areas put undue strain on the motor. To stop the noise, dress the fan belt with a fan belt dressing. This can be purchased at home centers, hardware stores, or automotive stores. If the noise continues, you may need to replace the fan belt.

Door switch: Sometimes, a door switch wears out and may be the cause of your dryer’s problems. You can check if the switch is still intact by removing the top cabinet panel and testing for continuity. If it doesn’t, contact a professional who can fix the problem. You may also need to replace the door latch.

Door switch: Replacing a broken door switch can cost between $50 and $150. This part is important to your dryer because it detects whether the door is closed or open. Without it, the dryer may not start. Replacing the door switch is simple if you have basic tools and follow the instructions.


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