Handy Help With Gardening

In this article, we are going to shed light on different available methods for maintaining your garden and make the most of your yards. Many useful tools make working in the garden a little easier. We tell you how you can easily garden with these aids. Let’s see which are the most useful methods and techniques to do the most comfortable gardening and make your garden look beautiful.

Sowing and breeding aids

Sowing and growing plants are a charming but also quite intensive activity, for example, use a seed spreader. This is a handy device with an adjustable closure. With this, you can efficiently and accurately sprinkle fine seeds. When it’s time to transplant, you can use a cutting set. With this, you have all the supplies on hand. The set includes a candy stick, sticky marks, a pencil, and a spoonful. You need quite good knowledge of different seeds, their qualities, and care ideas to make them grow at best.

A press pot is a small and compact block of soil where you can grow a plant. You can use pot press to make this yourself. This is especially suitable for indoor sowing and growing of plants.

Measuring is knowing

Are you already eager to sow in the spring in the spring? You can get started if the ground has already been warmed up and has reached the right temperature. You can easily measure this with the help of a soil thermometer. You can of course also use this indoors, for example when growing in a greenhouse.

When preparing the soil, you must take into account the pH value of the land. You measure this with the help of a special pH meter. A value between 5.5 and 7.5 pH is best for most plants. Is the pH value below 5.5? Then the soil is acidic, and you have to add some lime. Is the pH value higher than 7.5? Then the ground is calcified, and you have to add garden peat or leaf soil.

Work comfortably

Those who work in the garden for hours can use a little comfort. For example, a kneeling cushion is handy when weeding weeds. Such a pillow, often made of foam rubber, offers comfort while working on the knees and reduces the pain in the joints. Of course, the pillow is also handy for other chores in and around the house where you have to sit on your knees.

Get rid of snails

Even when keeping away from snails, you can sometimes use some help to prevent them from eating (young) plants. Therefore make use of a slag trap or snail tape. You dig a snail trap to the edge in the ground and then fill it with beer. You can also use copper slag tape. When the slag comes into touch with the copper, they get an electric shock which prevents them from creeping over it. You can easily stick the tape around pots. Make it clean and dry in advance.